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Roadway Incident Tactical Operation Training

"Roadway Incident Tactical Operations" training fulfills the DPS required 16-hour, centralized method of receiving mandatory training per Oklahoma Administrative Code (OAC) 595:25-3-1 for wrecker owners, drivers, and operators. Wrecker operators use machinery on the truck to recover and transport vehicles, but they have other duties as well. They are incident responders! And to perform this job safely, effectively, and professionally, an operator must know how to do more than drive a truck.

But "Roadway Incident Tactical Operations" training is much more. This intensive training will provide interoperable scenarios that allows all disciplines to work under a unified command structure to manage and mitigate an incident. Scenarios include real applications hazmat awareness, and night operations guided by NFPA standards.

Friday 6-10PM
The FHWA Traffic Incident Management (TIMS) class (part A of the 16-hour wrecker training) will be from 6pm to 10pm on Friday evening. TIMS is essential for everyone to be able to go home safely each night. Class will be held at the Vinita Fairgrounds.

Class will resume at 8am on Saturday the 14th again at the Fairgrounds. This will be a cross training for fire and wrecker services that will include fundamental knowledge of required equipment and operating skills to provide training and preparation for an employee to offer minor repairs, emergency roadside towing service when dealing with large repair problems, and regular equipment maintenance. (part B of the 16-hour wrecker training).

We will break for lunch from 12pm to 1pm. The local FFA chapter will be serving BBQ FREE to all attending responders/students.

The 1pm to 5pm session to be held at the Vinita Fairgrounds will be additional cross training for fire and wrecker services and will include hands-on training, in the field, with practical application. Wrecker students are encouraged to bring their own tow/wrecker vehicles for skills training as this will enhance their understanding of correct and safe operational skills on equipment that they use daily. (am portion of part C of the 16-hour wrecker training).

The training session providers and participants will be dismissed for rest and food from 5pm to 8:30 pm. Training will begin promptly at 8:30pm and last until approximately midnight. This will be a scenario based night ops training that involves all able disciplines to work together in real time effort to practice all aspects of the tactical incident objectives needed.

Hope you slept fast!!!!! Class will resume at 9am and last until approximately 1pm. This training session will allow firefighters and other responders to work closely with wrecker operators and their equipment in the recovery/stabilization processes used while winching and using rescue tactics. This portion is equal to (the pm portion of part C of the 16-hour wrecker training).

Dates:April 13-15, 2018    Check for other dates
Meets:Fri 6:00-10:00 PM; Sat 8:00 AM-5:00 PM & 8:30 PM-12:00 AM; Su from 9:00 AM -1:00 PM
Location:Vinita-Craig County Fairgrounds
Instructor:Alan Sanders

Notes:Information Flyer

Note: Students are encouraged to bring their own tow/wrecker vehicles for skills training on the 2nd day.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

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